Frontier and partners launch Smart Radio logo programme

Frontier Smart Technologies, a pioneer of digital audio technology, has launched a new Smart Radio programme supported by consumer audio brands, retailers and technology providers.

The aim of the programme is to highlight the benefits of Smart Radio devices - products that provide access to radio and audio through analogue (FM), digital (DAB+), and over the Internet (Wi-Fi). At the heart of this initiative is a new Smart Radio logo which allows consumers to easily identify these devices. Products need to support all three modes to use the logo.

Along with Frontier, the scheme is supported by several leading consumer electronic brands selling to European markets, including Blaupunkt, Dual, Grundig, Hama, JVC Kenwood, Lemega, Lenco, Majority, Medion, Philips, Pure, Roberts Radio, Ruark Audio, Sonoro, TechniSat, Teufel, TT Micro, John Lewis & Partners, and more companies are in the process of signing up.

The programme will see participating brands displaying the Smart Radio logo on products, packaging and promotional material,  helping consumers to navigate the range of audio devices available and understand the difference between products marketed as radios, smart speakers, internet radios or media streaming devices. Participating brands will also work together to raise consumer awareness on the benefits of Smart Radio products.

Recent consumer research commissioned by Digital Radio UK concluded that 87% of consumers planning to purchase a radio would be likely to buy a radio that combined FM, DAB and delivered services via the Internet. The most popular term that would encourage a purchase when compared to other options was Smart Radio.

A Smart Radio provides a number of benefits such as access to the increasingly popular catalogue of podcasts and on demand content, as well as radio stations from around the world, alongside national and all local stations.

Frontier Smart Radio platforms are compliant with the Smart Radio logo program and products featuring the logo are expected to be available to consumers later this year.

Prem Rajalingham, Managing Director of Frontier Smart Technologies, said:

‘The Smart Radio logo program is an important development in the radio ecosystem which aims to educate consumers on the benefits of combining Internet connectivity with DAB+ and FM radio. We are delighted to bring the industry together to establish this important category.’

Rebecca Atkinson, Junior Buyer at retailer John Lewis & Partners: 

‘Smart TVs changed the traditional TV market and we hope the same can be achieved with Smart Radios. This is a step in the journey to revolutionise radio products.

Mark Huijsmans, Director of Product Marketing for Roberts Radio: 

‘The Smart Radio logo will help consumers understand the true benefits of the product and is less confusing than the current diverse terminology : digital radio, hybrid radio, internet radio, connected radio, and many more.’

Stefan Kön, Managing Director of TechniSat GmbH:

‘We are proud to be supporting this initiative as we see a big potential in offering consumers radio products that have additional benefits such as Internet Radio and Podcasts.’

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